How and when to replant plants correctly?

First, let's explore the types of transplants to understand which one your plant needs:
  • Complete transplanting: In this case, the entire soil is replaced, and the root system is cleaned. This type is necessary when the plant is diseased or has pests in the soil.
  • Incomplete transplanting: Only the part of the soil that falls off by itself is changed. This method is usually used for planned transplanting.
  • Topsoil replacement: This type is required when the plant doesn't need a full replanting yet, but the soil has settled a bit, or when frequent replanting is undesirable. In this case, it's advisable to replace the top layer of soil, about 5 cm (2 inches) deep.

The rules for transplantingĀ 

  • Water the plant thoroughly one hour before you plan to transplant it.
  • Prepare a pot for planting. This pot should be slightly larger than the previous one and should be cleaned. If you choose a clay pot, soak it in water overnight to remove any burnt lime that could damage the plant's roots.
  • At the bottom of the selected pot, add drainage material and sprinkle a thin layer of soil. Drainage can be expanded clay pebbles, sphagnum moss, stones, etc., as long as the material is coarse-grained to ensure proper air and moisture permeability. Drainage is crucial for maintaining adequate moisture levels while preventing root rot.
  • Carefully remove your plant from the old pot, ideally by turning the container upside down.
  • Use your hands or a tool to gently remove the old soil from the root system. If you come across any rotten areas on the roots during transplanting, carefully remove them. If you accidentally damage the roots, cover the damaged area with charcoal.
  • Next, place the plant in the new planting container. Ensure that the root neck is below the pot's edges. Fill any empty spaces with fresh, pre-moistened soil (not too wet).
  • Water the plant.
By following these steps, you can successfully transplant your plant and promote its continued growth and health.