How to identify plants with PLNT

The technology of PLNT has made plant identification easier than ever using just your phone's camera. By following a few simple tips, you can increase the accuracy of plant identification and enhance your botanical knowledge.

#1 Aim and frame

When using your phone's camera to identify a plant, ensure that the plant is placed in the center of the frame. Avoid taking blurry, overexposed, or underexposed shots as they can hinder accurate identification. Clear, well-lit images will provide better results.

#2 Focus on recognizable parts

If the plant you want to identify is too large to capture entirely, focus on capturing the most distinctive and recognizable parts. This could be the leaves, flowers, bark, or any other unique features that can help in the identification process.

#3 Maintain focus and distance

To achieve more accurate identification results, try to keep the plant parts in focus and avoid taking pictures from extremely close distances. Maintaining an optimal distance allows the camera to capture more details and helps prevent distortion or blurriness.

#4 Capture flowers

If your plant has flowers, be sure to take a picture of them too. Flowers often contain critical characteristics that aid in plant identification. Pay attention to the color, shape, and arrangement of the petals, as these details can provide valuable clues.

#5 Avoid distractions in the frame

While attempting to identify a plant, ensure that no other plants or unnecessary objects are in the frame. Extra foliage or unrelated elements may lead to confusion and potentially mislead the identification process. By focusing solely on the target plant, you increase the accuracy of the results.

Using your phone's camera to identify plants with PLNT is a convenient and accessible way to expand your knowledge of the botanical world. By following these tips, you can increase the chances of accurate plant identification. Remember to focus on clear and well-lit images, capture recognizable parts of the plant, and be mindful of capturing flowers for more precise results. Happy exploring and discovering the wonders of the plant kingdom, hand in hand with PLNT!