How do I know if my plant is suffering from an excess of lighting?

  • Leaves turn yellow and fade. If you notice that the leaves on your plant are darkening, yellowing, and fading, you have chosen a place that is too bright for your plant. These signs particularly appear on leaves that are closer to the light source.
  • Brown or yellow spots on leaves. These are burns that result from exposure to direct sunlight, especially when watering leaves water droplets on the plant. These droplets act as lenses, concentrating sunlight and causing burns.
  • Leaves become brittle and curl. This is how plants attempt to protect themselves from excessive light.
  • A plant leans away from the light source. This is also a defense mechanism used by plants.
It's essential to remember that proper lighting is key to the health and longevity of your plant. However, keep in mind that each plant is unique and requires its own specific lighting conditions and duration.
If you want to determine whether your plant is receiving adequate light, you can use our Light Meter to find the perfect spot for it.