How to use grow light?

Once you have chosen a lamp, the question arises of how to use it and where to place it. The following rules should be followed when using grow lights:
  • Position the lamp directly above the plants. Otherwise, the sprouts will reach for the light and become distorted.
  • Calculate the height at which to place the lamp accurately. If the lamp is too low, it will burn the plant. If it is too high, the light will be scattered and insufficient for the plant.
  • Regularly check your plants when using the grow lights so that you can adjust the height and intensity of the light in time to avoid damaging the plant.
  • Maintain a consistent lighting schedule. Turn your lights on and off at the same time daily. Neglecting this rule can make the plant sick or even lead to its death.
  • Do not cover the lamp, as this can cause overheating and damage to the diodes.
It's also important to understand the correct hanging height for the grow light to achieve maximum efficiency and avoid harm. The best height from the lamp to the plant is specified by the manufacturer and is usually between 8-18 inches (20-45 cm). This height is measured from the top of the plant shoots to the lamp.
If you're uncertain about the correct height, you can place your palm under the light at the level of your plant. If you can feel heat after 30 seconds, the lamp is hanging too low.