Last-minute planting: List of plants to plant in June

As planting time is quickly coming to a close, you might be wondering if there's anything left to sow in your garden. Well, fear not! Even in early summer, there are still plenty of options available for you to plant and enjoy a bountiful harvest. So, if you have the itch to get your hands dirty and see your garden flourish, we're here to guide you on what you can plant during this time of the year.

Greenery and Herbs

Various lettuce varieties, watercress, arugula are perfect for planting during the early summer. These crops are cold-resistant and can be grown throughout the entire summer season. They grow relatively quickly and can be harvested at any stage of plant growth, providing you with fresh, delicious greens all season long.

Just remember that salad vegetables require ample water, so make sure to sow the seeds in well-moistened soil and water regularly, especially during dry weather, to prevent bitterness in the lettuce.

Green bean

If you have limited space, green beans are an excellent choice. Despite their compact size, these plants produce a generous crop. The beans can be enjoyed roasted, stewed, canned, or even frozen for future use. Green beans grow rapidly, and you can start harvesting the crop as early as two months after planting them in the open ground.


In June, you can plant early-ripening beets and leaf beets.

Early-ripening beet varieties are perfect for winter storage, while leaf beets offer quick growth and excellent taste. You can sow leaf beet varieties throughout the summer, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh, flavorful leaves.


It's not too late to sow carrots in June. Although carrots are considered a cold-resistant crop and are typically planted early, warm soil conditions in June can actually enhance germination. When sowing, ensure that the soil is well-loosened and free of large stones to prevent splitting of the roots. Consider covering the seeds to protect them from carrot flies.


For a quick harvest and the addition of tender greens to salads and other dishes, you can sow scallion seeds directly outdoors.

Caring for scallions is relatively easy, requiring periodic watering and loosening of the soil around the plants.

Maize (Corn)

If you're interested in growing maize, opt for early maturing varieties. Maize is a heat-loving crop, and although it may take longer to germinate in cold springs, you can expect to see sprouts emerging within three days in June. For good pollination and a good yield, it is recommended to grow at least 12 corn plants.


Cucumbers are known for their quick germination and growth. Since you can grow multiple plants throughout the season, it's not too late to plant cucumbers in June. For more detailed information on growing cucumbers, refer to the article dedicated to their cultivation.

Flower crops can also be planted in June, adding vibrant colors to your garden.


Nasturtium is one of the most stunning and low-maintenance annual flowers. When planted in June, it will bloom from July and continue to grace your garden until the first heavy frosts. These trailing vines can be used to create beautiful wall compositions, decorate verandas, arbors, or camouflage unsightly structures.


If you plant calendula in June, you can expect it to bloom in July and continue flowering until the arrival of the first snow.

Calendula is a bright and beautiful plant that requires minimal care. It is tolerant of temperature changes and can withstand drought conditions. Initially, it requires daily watering until sprouts appear, after which you can reduce watering to once a week.


Marigold, with its vibrant yellow, orange, and chocolate-colored flowers, is a remarkably undemanding and drought-tolerant plant. It never falls victim to diseases or pests, and interestingly, it also repels pests from surrounding flowers and vegetable crops. Adding tagetes to your garden not only enhances its visual appeal but also provides a natural pest deterrent.


Myosotis, commonly known as forget-me-not, is a perennial plant but is often grown as a biennial in cultivation.

Its charming sky-blue droplet-like flowers make a delightful addition to any landscape design. It pairs beautifully with blooming tulips and has become a popular and classic combination in gardens.


Foxglove is a plant that captivates all who see it. It is rightfully regarded as one of the most spectacular biennials. Its tall spires of flowers attract bumblebees, which are its primary pollinators, making it a valuable addition to any garden.

Sweet William

Sweet William is cherished for its profusion of small yet intensely colorful flowers.

With numerous varieties available, each displaying different hues and patterns on their petals, Sweet William adds a vibrant touch to any garden. These flowers come in a variety of colors and are a perfect choice for enhancing the beauty of your garden space.

If you're eager to continue your gardening journey in June, there is still a wide variety of plants and flowers that you can add to your garden. Whether you're looking for vibrant blooms, lush greenery, or tasty vegetables, there are options to suit every preference. So, grab your gardening tools, prepare your soil, and get ready to bring your garden to life with these popular plants and flowers that thrive when planted in June. Happy gardening!