Armenian oak Quercus pontica

Armenian oak


Q. pontica is a slow-growing, deciduous shrub or small tree to 6m tall with a broadly oval head and stout, upright branches. Its large, oval, toothed leaves are strongly ribbed and up to 25cm long and 12cm wide; the bright green foliage turns yellow in autumn. Females flowers are inconspicuous whilst male flowers appear in showy, olive-yellow catkins; large acorns 2.5-4cm long are borne in clusters in autumn

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About this plant

  • memoNames

    • Family


    • Synonyms

      Armenian oak Pontine oak

  • infoCharacteristics

    • Foliage type


    • Height

      4-8 metres

    • Spread

      4-8 metres

    • Hardiness zones


  • sunLight

    Full Sun, Partial Shade

  • scissorsPruning

    group 1

  • bambooSoil

    Loam, Sand, SoilClay

  • pinSuitable locations

    • Hardiness zone

      Hedging & Screens Low Maintenance

  • sproutPropogation

    • Propagate by seed or by grafting

  • insectPests

    Generally trouble free

  • microbeDiseases

    Generally trouble free