Avens Geum 'Cosmopolitan' (Cocktails Series)

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avens 'Cosmopolitan'


The Geum 'Cosmopolitan' from the Cocktails Series is a striking perennial plant notable for its beautiful flowers and foliage. The blooms are reminiscent of delicate roses, featuring layers of creamy white petals that have a hint of blush pink at their edges, creating a soft and inviting appearance. These blossoms are often accented in the center with a warm, sunny yellow, giving them a cheerful and vibrant look. The flowers are borne on slender stems that rise above the foliage, giving them an airy and graceful presence in the garden. The leaves of the Geum 'Cosmopolitan' are also an attractive feature, with a lush, deep green color that contrasts nicely with the light-toned flowers. They have a rounded shape with a lobed and somewhat wrinkled texture, adding to the overall visual interest of the plant. The foliage forms a low mound that serves as a lovely backdrop for the floating flowers above. Overall, the Geum 'Cosmopolitan' brings elegance and charm to garden settings, with its rose-like flowers providing a romantic touch. Its pleasing color palette and sophisticated look make it a popular choice for gardeners looking to add perennial beauty to their landscapes.

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About this plant

  • memoNames

    • Family


    • Synonyms

      Avens, Cocktails Series Avens

    • Common names

      Geum 'Cosmopolitan'

  • skullToxicity

    • To humans

      Avens, specifically the Geum 'Cosmopolitan' variety, is not typically known for being toxic to humans. Most members of the Geum genus are not considered poisonous, and there is no common documentation of toxicity associated with the 'Cosmopolitan' variety. As with any plant, individual allergies or sensitivities may cause adverse reactions; however, no specific symptoms of poisoning are widely recognized for this plant if ingested. Nevertheless, it's still advisable to avoid consumption unless it is confirmed to be safe.

    • To pets

      Avens, including the Geum 'Cosmopolitan' from the Cocktails Series, are generally not toxic to pets. They are not known to contain any compounds that are harmful to animals when ingested. Therefore, if a pet were to ingest parts of this plant, it is unlikely to experience symptoms of poisoning. However, some pets may have individual sensitivities, and as always, it is best to prevent pets from eating plants not intended for consumption.

  • infoCharacteristics

    • Life cycle


    • Foliage type


    • Color of leaves


    • Flower color


    • Height

      1-2 feet (30-60 cm)

    • Spread

      1-2 feet (30-60 cm)

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  • money-bagGeneral Benefits

    • Aesthetic Appeal: Geum 'Cosmopolitan' adds vibrant color to gardens with its bright, semi-double flowers, enhancing visual interest.
    • Attracts Pollinators: This plant attracts bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects, promoting biodiversity.
    • Long Blooming Period: It has a long flowering season, providing a display of blooms from late spring into the summer.
    • Drought Tolerance: Once established, it is relatively drought-tolerant, requiring less water and maintenance.
    • Cold Hardy: Geum 'Cosmopolitan' is resilient in colder climates, able to withstand frost and cold temperatures.
    • Low Maintenance: This perennial requires minimal care once established, making it suitable for busy gardeners.
    • Versatile Planting: It can be used in various garden settings, from borders to containers, offering flexibility in garden design.
    • Soil Adaptability: Geum 'Cosmopolitan' can grow in a range of soil types, though it prefers well-drained soil.

  • medicalMedical Properties

    This plant is not used for medical purposes.

  • windAir-purifying Qualities

    This plant is not specifically known for air purifying qualities.

  • leavesOther Uses

    • Geum 'Cosmopolitan' can be used as a natural dye source for textiles, providing subtle shades of yellow or green depending on the mordant used.
    • Flowers from the Geum 'Cosmopolitan' may serve as biodegradable confetti for outdoor celebrations, reducing the impact on the environment.
    • The petals of Geum 'Cosmopolitan' can be incorporated into homemade paper, adding color and texture to the final product.
    • The vibrant blooms can be used in edible flower arrangements, offering an eye-catching garnish for salads and desserts.
    • Geum 'Cosmopolitan' can be planted to create a thematic cocktail garden, with its name hinting at its use in spaces tied to beverage-related plants.
    • Dried Geum 'Cosmopolitan' blooms can contribute to potpourri mixes, lending a mild fragrance and a splash of color.
    • Pressed Geum flowers can be used for botanical art, serving as subjects in framed artworks or as embellishments in scrapbooking.
    • Leaves of the Geum can be used in crafts for their interesting texture and shape, especially in the creation of nature-inspired jewelry.
    • As a photography subject, Geum 'Cosmopolitan' offers a striking focal point due to its bright flowers and can be used for practicing macro photography skills.
    • Insect-friendly gardens can incorporate Geum 'Cosmopolitan' to attract and support the local bee population.

Interesting Facts

  • bedFeng Shui

    The Avens is not used in Feng Shui practice.

  • spiralPlant Symbolism

    • Resilience: The Geum plant is known for its hardy nature, able to thrive in a variety of conditions, symbolizing the ability to persevere and adapt.
    • Warmth: With its warm-hued flowers, it often represents cheerfulness, warmth, and positivity.
    • Passion: The bright and bold colors of the Geum can symbolize strong emotions and a zest for life.
    • Hidden treasures: Geum flowers may also be associated with the idea of hidden gems or treasures, suggesting depth and value that isn't always immediately visible.

Every 1-2 weeks
2500 - 10000 Lux
Every 2-3 years
Spring to Summer
As needed
  • water dropWater

    Avens requires regular watering to maintain moist but well-drained soil, especially during its blooming period from late spring to early summer. Water generously once a week, ensuring that you're providing about one inch of water each time which equates to roughly 0.62 gallons for an average-sized plant. During hot or dry spells, increase watering frequency to twice a week. In cooler weather or when the plant is not actively growing, cut back on watering to prevent root rot.

  • sunLight

    Avens thrives in full sun to partial shade conditions. The ideal spot for this plant is where it can receive at least six hours of sunlight per day. However, in hot climates, some afternoon shade can help to protect the plant from intense, direct sunlight that could potentially cause stress or scorching to the foliage.

  • thermometerTemperature

    Avens prefers temperate conditions and can generally withstand temperatures ranging from about 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant is hardy in USDA zones 5 through 9, but if temperatures dip below 20 degrees, some winter protection may be necessary. The ideal growth temperature for avens is between 60 and 70 degrees, which encourages robust growth and flowering.

  • scissorsPruning

    Pruning avens is important to encourage new growth and prolong the blooming period. Deadheading, or removing spent flowers, should be done consistently throughout the blooming season to maintain appearance and stimulate further flowering. Additionally, cutting back the foliage in late fall or early winter after the plant has gone dormant helps to keep it tidy and prepares it for the next growing season. The best time for significant pruning is early spring, just as new growth begins to emerge.

  • broomCleaning

    As needed

  • bambooSoil

    Geum 'Cosmopolitan', commonly known as Avens, thrives in a well-draining soil enriched with organic matter such as compost. For the best soil mix, combine two parts garden soil, one part compost, and one part perlite or sand to improve drainage. The ideal soil pH for Avens is slightly acidic to neutral, ranging from 6.0 to 7.0.

  • plantRepotting

    Avens, also known as Geum 'Cosmopolitan', generally does not require frequent repotting. It should be repotted every 2-3 years or when the plant outgrows its current container, to replenish the soil and allow for continued growth.

  • water dropsHumidity & Misting

    Geum 'Cosmopolitan', commonly called Avens, prefers average humidity levels and can tolerate the humidity found in most homes without needing special adjustments.

  • pinSuitable locations

    • Indoor

      Place Avens in a spot with bright indirect light and ensure regular watering.

    • Outdoor

      Plant Avens in partial shade to full sun in well-draining soil.

    • Hardiness zone

      5-7 USDA

  • circleLife cycle

    The life of the Avens 'Cosmopolitan', belonging to the Cocktails Series, begins with seed germination, typically in early to mid-spring, depending on the climate. The seedlings develop into a rosette of leaves at the soil surface before sending up shoots. As the plant matures throughout the spring and early summer, it produces flowering stems bearing the characteristic flamboyant, semi-double flowers that may continually bloom if deadheaded regularly. Following pollination, which is often facilitated by insects, the plant sets seed in small, dry, inedible fruits called achenes that disperse to propagate the next generation. Over winter, Avens 'Cosmopolitan' may die back to the ground, especially in colder climates, with the root system surviving to re-sprout the following spring. This perennial completes its life cycle by re-entering dormancy during the winter months and resuming growth each subsequent spring.

  • sproutPropogation

    • Propogation time

      Spring to Summer

    • The most popular method of propagation for the Geum 'Cosmopolitan', also known as Avens, is by division. This process is typically best done in the spring or fall when the plant is not in active bloom. To propagate by division, gently dig up the clump of Avens and use a sharp spade or knife to cut it into smaller sections, ensuring that each section has a good root system and at least one shoot. Replant the divisions promptly, spacing them about 12 to 18 inches (approximately 30 to 46 centimeters) apart, and water them well to establish. This method allows gardeners to rapidly increase their stock of Geum 'Cosmopolitan' plants while maintaining the characteristics of the parent plant.