Daylily 'Bourbon Kings' Hemerocallis 'Bourbon Kings'

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daylily 'Bourbon Kings'


'Bourbon Kings' is a clump-forming perennial to about 60cm with narrow, upright leaves. Funnel-shaped flowers up to 13cm across, produced in mid- to late summer, are dark bluish-red, with pale midribs, ruffled edges and a greenish-yellow throat

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      Hemerocallis 'Bourbon Kings'

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      2 feet [60 cm]

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      1 foot [30 cm]

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  • money-bagGeneral Benefits

    • Aesthetic Appeal: Hemerocallis 'Bourbon Kings', commonly known as daylily, has vibrant, colorful flowers that enhance the beauty of any garden or landscape.
    • Low Maintenance: Daylilies require minimal care once established, making them ideal for gardeners who prefer low-maintenance plants.
    • Drought Tolerance: These plants are known for their ability to withstand dry conditions once they are well-established.
    • Adaptability: Daylilies adapt well to a variety of soil types and environmental conditions, making them versatile additions to many landscapes.
    • Rapid Growth: Daylilies grow and multiply quickly, providing fast coverage and filling in garden spaces economically.
    • Pest Resistance: They are generally resistant to pests, reducing the need for chemical treatments.
    • Attracts Pollinators: The flowers attract pollinators such as butterflies and bees, which are beneficial for the garden ecosystem.
    • Seasonal Interest: Daylilies bloom for several weeks, often providing seasonal interest throughout the summer.
    • Edibility: Some parts of daylilies are edible, and they are sometimes used in culinary applications (although one should always be sure about the edibility of specific varieties).
    • Easy Propagation: These plants can be easily propagated by division, making it simple to expand or share with others.

  • medicalMedical Properties

    This plant is not used for medical purposes.

  • windAir-purifying Qualities

    This plant is not specifically known for air purifying qualities.

  • leavesOther Uses

    • Daylily petals are edible and can be used as a colorful garnish in salads, adding a slight sweetness to the dish.
    • The flowers can also be used to make a floral jelly, where the petals impart a delicate flavor and color to the final product.
    • Dried daylily petals can be incorporated into potpourri mixes for a natural and pleasant fragrance in your home.
    • The robust roots of the daylily can be used to stabilize soil and prevent erosion in sloped gardens or along waterways.
    • Dayliles can be planted as companion plants in vegetable gardens to attract pollinators such as butterflies and bees.
    • Dye extracted from daylily flowers can be used in textile art to give fabric a natural yellow or orange tint.
    • Pressed daylily flowers can be used in decorative craft projects, such as in homemade paper or greeting cards for a botanical touch.
    • The spent bloom stalks can be cut and used for small garden stakes or markers in the vegetable patch.
    • As part of a sensory garden, daylilies can provide a tactile experience with their thick petals and a visual pop of color.
    • Daylily plants can be used in landscape design for mass plantings due to their clumping nature, creating impressive displays of color when they bloom en masse.

Interesting Facts

  • bedFeng Shui

    The Daylily is not used in Feng Shui practice.

  • aquariusZodiac Sign Compitability

    The Daylily is not used in astrology practice.

  • spiralPlant Symbolism

    • Longevity: The Hemerocallis, commonly known as the Daylily, is associated with longevity due to its ability to bloom over an extended period of time, with individual flowers lasting just a day.
    • Renewal: As each flower of the Daylily blooms for only a single day, it symbolizes the idea of renewal and the ephemeral nature of life, reminding us that each day is new and filled with potential.
    • Motherhood: In Chinese culture, Daylilies are a symbol of motherhood because of their nurturing and daily rebirth, representing the devotion and care found in motherhood.
    • Beauty: The stunning appearance of the 'Bourbon Kings' cultivar, with its rich colors and elegant form, symbolizes beauty and the appreciation of aesthetic pleasure.
    • Forgiveness: The Daylily's fleeting flowers also convey a message of forgiveness, suggesting that beauty and life’s pleasures should be appreciated in the present moment without holding onto past grievances.

Every 1-2 weeks
2500 - 10000 Lux
Every 2-3 years
Late summer to early fall
As needed
  • water dropWater

    Daylilies, such as Hemerocallis 'Bourbon Kings', should be watered thoroughly, which typically means providing enough water to soak the top 6 to 8 inches of soil. This might equate to about 1 gallon of water for each plant. It's best to water these plants once a week during the growing season, but the frequency may need to increase during periods of extreme heat or drought. Ensure the plants are not left to sit in waterlogged soil, as this can lead to root rot. During the winter months, you can reduce watering since the plants are not actively growing.

  • sunLight

    Daylilies, including the Hemerocallis 'Bourbon Kings', thrive in full sun to partial shade. They perform best when they receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. An ideal spot would be an east-facing garden that gets morning sunlight and some shade during the intense afternoon heat, especially in hotter climates.

  • thermometerTemperature

    Daylilies, such as Hemerocallis 'Bourbon Kings', prefer moderate temperatures but are quite hardy and can withstand a range of climate conditions. They can generally survive in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal growing temperature for daylilies is between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • scissorsPruning

    Pruning daylilies, including Hemerocallis 'Bourbon Kings', involves removing spent blooms and seed pods to encourage new flowers and maintain plant vigor. Cut back the foliage to a height of about 6 inches after the first killing frost in fall. Prune the plants once in late fall or early spring. This pruning regimen will help promote healthy growth and prevent disease.

  • broomCleaning

    As needed

  • bambooSoil

    Daylilies thrive in well-draining soil with a mix of loam, peat moss, and perlite; aim for a slightly acidic to neutral pH of 6.0 to 7.0 for Hemerocallis 'Bourbon Kings'.

  • plantRepotting

    Daylilies, such as 'Bourbon Kings,' are typically grown outdoors and don't require frequent repotting; divide clumps every 3 to 5 years to rejuvenate and control growth.

  • water dropsHumidity & Misting

    Daylilies like 'Bourbon Kings' are tolerant of a range of humidity levels but perform best in average garden conditions without the need for special humidity adjustments.

  • pinSuitable locations

    • Indoor

      Ensure bright light and good air circulation for indoor daylilies.

    • Outdoor

      Full sun to partial shade with good drainage for outdoor daylilies.

    • Hardiness zone

      3-9 USDA

  • circleLife cycle

    The daylily 'Bourbon Kings' begins its life cycle as a dormant rhizome or root structure, which when conditions are right, sprouts foliage consisting of long, slender leaves. As the plant matures, it develops strong stems that bear numerous flower buds. These buds bloom into large, colorful flowers that typically last just one day each, which is characteristic of daylilies. After the flowering phase, the plant sets seed pods if pollination has occurred, although many cultivators prefer to deadhead flowers to encourage reblooms. Throughout the growing season, the foliage remains green and photosynthetically active, contributing to the growth of the plant. As winter approaches, the daylily 'Bourbon Kings' enters dormancy, where the foliage dies back and the plant rests until favorable growing conditions return in the spring.

  • sproutPropogation

    • Propogation time

      Late summer to early fall

    • Hemerocallis 'Bourbon Kings', commonly known as daylily, is best propagated through division. This method involves separating the plant's clump into smaller sections, which can be replanted to grow into new plants. Division is ideally performed in early spring or after the flowering season in late summer or early fall. To propagate by division, carefully dig up the entire clump of the daylily and gently shake off the excess soil. Using a sharp knife or spade, cut the clump into sections ensuring that each has a healthy fan of leaves and a portion of the root system. The separated divisions can then be planted immediately in the garden at the same depth they were originally growing or potted up if preferred..SizeMode