Heucherella 'Gunsmoke' × Heucherella 'Gunsmoke'

👤 Non-toxic to humans
🐾 Non-toxic to pets
🌸 Not blooming
🍪 Not edible
‍🌱 Easy-care
heucherella 'Gunsmoke'


Gunsmoke Heucherella is known for its unique and attractive foliage. The leaves are a distinctive silver-gray color with dark purple veins, creating a striking contrast. During the blooming season, it produces small, bell-shaped flowers that are typically pale pink or white. These flowers grow on slender, upright stems that elegantly rise above the foliage. The plant's overall appearance is lush and textured, making it a popular choice for adding visual interest to gardens and landscapes.

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About this plant

  • memoNames

    • Family


    • Synonyms

      'Gunsmoke' Heucherella, 'Gunsmoke' Foamy Bells

    • Common names

      × Heucherella 'Gunsmoke'

  • skullToxicity

    • To humans

      There is no known toxicity of Gunsmoke Heucherella to humans. This plant is primarily grown for ornamental purposes and does not pose a risk if touched or handled. However, as with many ornamental plants, it is not intended for consumption, and ingesting it is not recommended due to the lack of information on its edibility.

    • To pets

      Gunsmoke Heucherella is not known to be toxic to pets. It is generally considered safe around animals, and there are no reported cases of poisoning in pets from this plant. Nevertheless, it is always a good practice to monitor pets around plants and discourage them from chewing on any plant material.

  • infoCharacteristics

    • Life cycle


    • Foliage type


    • Color of leaves


    • Flower color

      Pale pink

    • Height

      1 foot 8 inches (0.51 meters)

    • Spread

      1 foot 6 inches (0.46 meters)

    • Plant type


    • Hardiness zones


    • Native area

      North America


  • money-bagGeneral Benefits

    • Ornamental Appeal: Gunsmoke Heucherella is prized for its attractive foliage and delicate flowers, enhancing garden aesthetics.
    • Low Maintenance: It is easy to care for, requiring minimal upkeep, which makes it ideal for busy gardeners or those new to gardening.
    • Shade Tolerance: This plant thrives in partial shade, making it suitable for garden spots that don't receive full sunlight.
    • Pest Resistance: Gunsmoke Heucherella is known for being resistant to many common garden pests, reducing the need for chemical treatments.
    • Drought Tolerance: Once established, it can withstand periods of low water, making it suitable for drought-prone areas.
    • Soil Adaptability: It can grow in a range of soil types, as long as the soil is well-drained.

  • medicalMedical Properties

    This plant is not used for medical purposes.

  • windAir-purifying Qualities

    This plant is not specifically known for air purifying qualities.

  • leavesOther Uses

    • Container Gardening: Gunsmoke Heucherella is an excellent choice for container gardening due to its compact size and ornamental foliage.
    • Ground Cover: Its dense growth habit makes it suitable for use as ground cover in gardens, helping to suppress weeds and stabilize soil.
    • Border Planting: This plant works well in borders due to its texture and color, providing a lush edge to garden paths and flower beds.
    • Rock Gardens: Its adaptability and tolerance for various soil types make it a good candidate for rock gardens, adding contrast with its foliage.
    • Woodland Gardens: Ideal for woodland garden settings, its shade tolerance aligns well with the dappled light of wooded areas.
    • Theme Gardens: Gunsmoke Heucherella can be used in various theme gardens, like fairy gardens, for its unique and whimsical appearance.
    • Winter Interest: In milder climates, its leaves may persist in winter, providing color and interest in otherwise dormant gardens.
    • Wildlife Habitat: While not a major attractor, it can provide shelter for small wildlife within garden settings.
    • Photography Prop: Its distinctive look makes it a great subject for garden photography, especially in macro photography.
    • Craft Projects: Dried leaves and flowers can be used in craft projects, such as in making botanical prints or as part of natural art installations.

Interesting Facts

  • bedFeng Shui

    Gunsmoke Heucherella is not used in Feng Shui practice.

  • aquariusZodiac Sign Compitability

    Gunsmoke Heucherella is not used in astrology practice.

  • spiralPlant Symbolism

    • Resilience: The robust nature of Gunsmoke Heucherella, thriving in various conditions, symbolizes resilience and adaptability.
    • Beauty in Simplicity: Its understated elegance represents the beauty found in simplicity and the importance of subtlety.

Once a week
10000 - 20000 Lux
Every 2-3 years
Every spring
  • water dropWater

    Gunsmoke Heucherella should be watered regularly, aiming to keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. During the growing season, water approximately once a week with about 1 gallon per plant, depending on the weather conditions. In hotter, drier periods, increase watering frequency, and reduce it during cooler, wetter periods. Overwatering or allowing the soil to become soggy can lead to root rot, so good drainage is crucial. During winter, reduce watering as the plant requires less moisture.

  • sunLight

    Gunsmoke Heucherella thrives best in partial shade, though it can tolerate morning sun with afternoon shade. Avoid exposing it to the harsh afternoon sun, especially in hotter climates, as this can cause the leaves to scorch. A location that provides filtered sunlight or dappled shade is ideal. This makes it well-suited for shaded garden spots, under taller plants, or in areas that receive indirect sunlight.

  • thermometerTemperature

    Gunsmoke Heucherella prefers a temperate climate. It can tolerate a temperature range of 40°F to 80°F. It's important to protect the plant from extreme temperatures, especially harsh winter frost and intense summer heat. Mulching can help regulate soil temperature and protect the roots in both cold and hot weather conditions.

  • scissorsPruning

    Pruning Gunsmoke Heucherella involves removing dead or faded leaves and spent flower stems to encourage new growth and maintain a tidy appearance. Pruning is best done in late winter or early spring before new growth begins. Deadheading the flowers after they fade can also be beneficial.

  • broomCleaning

    As needed

  • bambooSoil

    Gunsmoke Heucherella prefers well-drained, rich soil with a pH ranging from 5.5 to 7.0. A mix of loamy soil, compost, and a small amount of sand or perlite is ideal to ensure proper drainage. The soil should retain moisture but not become waterlogged. Regular addition of organic matter will help maintain the soil's fertility and structure.

  • plantRepotting

    Gunsmoke Heucherella grown in containers should be repotted every 2 to 3 years to refresh the soil and prevent root crowding. The best time to repot is in the spring before new growth starts. When repotting, choose a slightly larger container and fresh, well-draining soil mix similar to its original growing conditions.

  • water dropsHumidity & Misting

    Gunsmoke Heucherella does well in average humidity conditions. It does not require any special humidity adjustments when grown outdoors. Indoors, it can thrive in typical household humidity levels but should be protected from extremely dry air, particularly in winter when indoor heating can reduce humidity.

  • pinSuitable locations

    • Indoor

      Place in partial shade, water regularly, and use well-draining soil.

    • Outdoor

      Plant in partial shade, ensure soil is well-draining, and protect from extreme temperatures.

    • Hardiness zone

      4-9 USDA

  • circleLife cycle

    Gunsmoke Heucherella begins its life as a small plant or root division. Once planted, it develops a rosette of leaves and starts to establish its root system. As it matures, typically in the second year, it produces small, bell-shaped flowers on slender stems during late spring or early summer. After blooming, the plant focuses on leaf growth, creating its characteristic foliage. During autumn, the plant's growth slows down as it prepares for winter dormancy. In spring, the cycle repeats with new growth emerging from the crown of the plant.

  • sproutPropogation

    • Propogation time


    • The most popular method of propagating Heucherella 'Gunsmoke' is through division. This should be done in early spring. To propagate, carefully dig up the plant and separate the root clumps into smaller sections, ensuring that each section has both roots and foliage. Then, replant these divisions in well-draining soil and water thoroughly. This method is effective and helps create new plants that are genetically identical to the parent plant.

  • insectPests

    Spider mite, Whitefly, Aphid, Slugs and snails

  • microbeDiseases

    Downy mildew, Root Rot, Powdery mildew, Rust