Larkspur Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' (Magic Fountains Series)

☠ Toxic to humans
🐾 Toxic to pets
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Delphinium 'Magic Fountain White'


The Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White', part of the Magic Fountains Series, is a stately plant known for its strikingly pure white flowers. These flowers are characterized by their elegance, with each bloom composed of multiple small petals arrayed around a central, slightly protruding bee, or central cluster of stamens. The blossoms form dense, towering spikes that rise above the foliage, creating a visual spectacle reminiscent of a fountain of white. The foliage of the Magic Fountains Pure White Delphinium is a lush, vibrant green, which forms a bushy clump at the base of the stems. The leaves are deeply lobed or cut, adding a textured backdrop to the dramatic flower spires. The overall appearance of this delphinium is one of classic beauty, delivering a sense of verticality and sophistication in garden settings or when used as cut flowers in arrangements. This variety of delphinium is beloved for its clean white coloration which provides a striking contrast against the greenery, and its ability to bring a vertical accent to floral displays without overwhelming them with size.

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About this plant

  • memoNames

    • Synonyms

      Larkspur, Dolphin Flower

    • Common names

      Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White'

  • skullToxicity

    • To humans

      The plant commonly known as Larkspur is toxic to humans. Ingesting any part of Larkspur can lead to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, muscle weakness, and seizures. Severe poisonings can be fatal if not treated promptly, as it may lead to cardiotoxicity and neuromuscular paralysis.

    • To pets

      Larkspur is also toxic to pets, including dogs, cats, and horses. Symptoms of Larkspur poisoning in animals may include drooling, bloat, frequent urination, diarrhea, weak pulse, paralysis, and convulsions. Severe cases can be fatal, particularly in livestock, and prompt veterinary care is required for animals that have ingested this plant.

  • infoCharacteristics

    • Life cycle


    • Foliage type


    • Color of leaves


    • Flower color


    • Height

      2-3 feet (60-90 cm)

    • Spread

      1-2 feet (30-60 cm)

    • Plant type


    • Hardiness zones


    • Native area



  • money-bagGeneral Benefits

    • Aesthetic Appeal: The Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' offers stunning pure white flowers that add elegance and a classic touch to gardens.
    • Compact Growth: Being part of the Magic Fountains Series, this plant has a dwarf habit, making it suitable for smaller spaces and containers.
    • Attracts Pollinators: The flowers attract bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects, promoting biodiversity in the garden.
    • Vertical Interest: Its tall spikes of flowers add vertical interest and contrast to garden beds and borders.
    • Cottage Garden Classic: It is a classic choice for cottage-style gardens with its traditional charm and full spikes of blooms.
    • Cut Flower Use: The long stems and attractive blooms make it ideal for use in cut flower arrangements and bouquets.
    • Seasonal Color: It provides seasonal color typically in late spring to early summer, with potential for a second bloom if deadheaded.
    • Variety of Uses: Works well in mixed beds, borders, or as a background plant due to its height and structure.

  • medicalMedical Properties

    This plant is not used for medical purposes.

  • windAir-purifying Qualities

    This plant is not specifically known for air purifying qualities.

  • leavesOther Uses

    • Photography Prop: Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' are frequently used as a backdrop or feature in garden photography due to their tall spikes and pure white blooms, creating a striking contrast.
    • Wedding Decor: Because of their elegant appearance, these white Delphiniums are commonly used in floral arrangements at weddings, both for bouquets and as decoration for venues.
    • Art Inspiration: Artists often use Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' as a subject for paintings, drawings, and other forms of artwork, inspired by their striking form and color.
    • Dye Production: While not common, the flowers can be used to create a blue dye for small craft projects, adding a unique natural color to fabrics.
    • Educational Tool: Horticulture and botany teachers use Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' to teach students about plant growth, pollination, and hybridization due to their distinctive features.
    • Frost Protection Indicator: Gardeners may use early blooming Delphiniums as a natural indicator plant for potential frost to safeguard other sensitive plants in the garden.
    • Cultural Symbols: Delphiniums can be used in garden designs to symbolize purity and innocence, contributing to a thematic display or cultural exhibit.
    • Film and Theatre Sets: The Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' can be used to add visual impact on stage sets or in movies, for scenes that require lush, vibrant gardens.
    • Fairy Gardens: Due to their whimsical appearance, these Delphiniums are a popular choice for constructing fairy gardens, miniature landscapes designed to evoke a magical ambiance.
    • Bee Garden Attraction: These plants can be included in gardens designed to attract and support bees, providing a reliable source of nectar for these beneficial insects.

Interesting Facts

  • bedFeng Shui

    The Delphinium is not used in Feng Shui practice.

  • aquariusZodiac Sign Compitability

    The Delphinium is not used in astrology practice.

  • spiralPlant Symbolism

    • Protection: Delphinium is believed to ward off negative forces and protect against dangers.
    • New Opportunities: The blooming of delphinium is often associated with the opening of new doors and opportunities.
    • Celebrating Achievements: The tall and stately nature of delphiniums can symbolize reaching for success and celebrating accomplishments.
    • Communication: Delphinium represents clear communication, perhaps due to the bold and distinctive structure of its blooms.
    • Fun: The light and airy feel of the delphinium's flowers are often associated with a sense of joy and fun.
    • Innocence: The pure white color of 'Magic Fountains Pure White' specifically symbolizes innocence and purity.
    • Memorial: Delphiniums are often used to honor the memory of loved ones, representing remembrance and deep emotional connections.

Every week
2500 - 10000 Lux
Every year
Early Spring
As needed
  • water dropWater

    Larkspur, including the Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White', requires regular watering to maintain evenly moist soil, particularly during dry spells. It's best to water deeply once a week, providing about 1 to 1.5 gallons of water each time, depending on weather conditions. The key is to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. During periods of extreme heat or drought, an additional watering may be necessary. Be sure to avoid getting the foliage wet to prevent disease, focusing the water at the base of the plant.

  • sunLight

    Larkspur thrives in full sun to partial shade. For the Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White', the ideal spot is one where it receives at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Morning sun with afternoon shade is beneficial in hotter climates to prevent stress from intense heat. Avoid deeply shaded areas as insufficient light can lead to poor flowering and weak growth.

  • thermometerTemperature

    Larkspur generally prefers cooler temperatures and may struggle in hot climates. The Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' can tolerate temperatures as low as the freezing point but will thrive in temperatures ranging from 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. During summer, if temperatures regularly exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the plant may require additional shade or water to stay cool and hydrated.

  • scissorsPruning

    Pruning Larkspur involves cutting back spent flower spikes to encourage a second bloom in the same season. For Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White', prune the main stalk immediately after the first flush of flowers has faded. Deadheading regularly also promotes the growth of new blooms. The best time to prune is late summer or early fall, after flowering is complete.

  • broomCleaning

    As needed

  • bambooSoil

    The best soil mix for Larkspur or Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' should be well-draining and fertile with a pH ranging between 6.0 and 7.5. Incorporate organic matter like compost into the soil to improve structure and nutrient content. A mix of loamy soil with added perlite or coarse sand can achieve the desired drainage.

  • plantRepotting

    Larkspur, being a perennial, does not typically require frequent repotting. However, Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' should be repotted if it becomes pot-bound or the soil is depleted, which may occur every 2-3 years. Always choose a slightly larger pot with good drainage holes.

  • water dropsHumidity & Misting

    Larkspur enjoys moderate humidity but can tolerate some variation. The ideal humidity level for Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' ranges from 40% to 70%. Protect the plant from high humidity to prevent fungal diseases, which they can be prone to under moist conditions.

  • pinSuitable locations

    • Indoor

      Ensure bright light, cool temps, and moist soil for Larkspur.

    • Outdoor

      Sun to part shade, moist, fertile soil, shelter from wind for Larkspur.

    • Hardiness zone

      3-7 USDA

  • circleLife cycle

    Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' begins its life cycle with seed germination, which is typically in early spring when soil temperatures warm up. Once the seeds sprout, the young seedlings grow quickly, developing a set of true leaves and establishing a root system. As the plant matures, it forms a rosette of basal leaves and elongates its central stalk, which will eventually bear the signature spikes of white flowers during the early to mid-summer months. After the flowering stage, the plant enters a phase of seed production, where bees and other pollinators may help to fertilize the flowers, resulting in seed pods that mature by late summer or fall. Upon maturity, the seeds can be collected for propagation or left to self-sow if conditions are conducive. Finally, in regions with cold winters, Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White' typically dies back to the ground after the first frost, with the root system entering dormancy and regrowth beginning again the following spring.

  • sproutPropogation

    • Propogation time

      Early Spring

    • The Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Pure White', commonly known as the Larkspur, is traditionally propagated by seed. The best time to sow seeds for this perennial plant is in late winter to early spring, as cold stratification can help germination. Sow seeds thinly onto the surface of well-drained, moist seed compost in pots or trays and cover lightly with vermiculite. Place the container in a cold frame or greenhouse at a temperature of around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit (10-13 degrees Celsius) until germination, which usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. Once the seedlings are large enough to handle, they should be pricked out and transplanted into individual pots to grow on before planting out in the garden after all danger of frost has passed.