Shrubby cinquefoil 'Primrose Beauty' Potentilla fruticosa 'Primrose Beauty'

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shrubby cinquefoil 'Primrose Beauty'


'Primrose Beauty' is a small bushy deciduous shrub with silky, grey-green pinnate leaves. Flowers 3cm in width, primrose-yellow with a darker centre

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About this plant

  • memoNames

    • Synonyms

      Shrubby Cinquefoil, Bush Cinquefoil, Potentilla, Golden Hardhack, Widdy.

    • Common names

      Dasiphora fruticosa 'Primrose Beauty', Pentaphylloides fruticosa 'Primrose Beauty', Potentilla fruticosa var. floribunda 'Primrose Beauty'.

  • infoCharacteristics

    • Life cycle


    • Foliage type


    • Color of leaves


    • Flower color


    • Height

      2-4 feet (0.6-1.2 meters)

    • Spread

      2-4 feet (0.6-1.2 meters)

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    • Native area



  • money-bagGeneral Benefits

    • Attracts Wildlife: The shrub provides nectar for pollinators such as bees and butterflies, enhancing biodiversity.
    • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal pruning and is able to thrive with occasional watering once established.
    • Drought Tolerance: Once established, the shrub exhibits good drought resistance, making it suitable for xeriscaping.
    • Long Blooming Period: Offers a prolonged display of flowers from late spring to late summer or early fall.
    • Cold Hardy: Can endure cold winters, making it suitable for gardens in cooler climates.
    • Erosion Control: Its root system helps stabilize the soil, preventing erosion on slopes and embankments.
    • Ornamental Appeal: Adds visual interest to gardens with its bright yellow flowers and bushy green foliage.
    • Versatile Landscaping: Can be used in a variety of landscape designs, including borders, foundation plantings, and as a ground cover.
    • Wildlife Shelter: Provides cover and nesting sites for birds and small animals.

  • medicalMedical Properties

    • This plant is not used for medical purposes.

  • windAir-purifying Qualities

    This plant is not specifically known for air purifying qualities.

  • leavesOther Uses

    • Potentilla fruticosa 'Primrose Beauty', also known as shrubby cinquefoil, can be utilized in bonsai cultivation due to its small leaves and flexible branches allowing for creative pruning and shaping.
    • Its dense growth habit allows the shrubby cinquefoil to serve as effective erosion control on slopes or areas prone to soil degradation.
    • The dense foliage and thicket-forming nature make shrubby cinquefoil an excellent choice for wildlife gardens, providing shelter and nesting sites for birds.
    • Shrubby cinquefoil is suitable for coastal gardens since it can tolerate salt spray, making it a practical plant for seaside landscaping.
    • The shrubby cinquefoil can be used to create low-maintenance, drought-tolerant hedges, as it can withstand trimming and has a naturally appealing form.
    • Due to its attractive and long-lasting yellow flowers, shrubby cinquefoil is used in floral arrangements, particularly in rustic or wildflower-themed designs.
    • As a pioneer plant, the shrubby cinquefoil can be planted in reclaimed or disturbed lands, such as former mines or construction sites, to help stabilize the soil and support revegetation efforts.
    • The plant's dense rooting system makes it a suitable option for xeriscaping, a landscaping method that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation.
    • Since it's resistant to many plant diseases and pests, shrubby cinquefoil can be used in integrated pest management (IPM) to reduce the need for chemical controls in the garden.
    • The shrubby cinquefoil can be used in creating natural dye for fabrics, with parts of the plant yielding different shades and hues depending on the mordant used.

Interesting Facts

  • bedFeng Shui

    The Shrubby Cinquefoil is not used in Feng Shui practice.

  • aquariusZodiac Sign Compitability

    The Shrubby Cinquefoil is not used in astrology practice.

  • spiralPlant Symbolism

    • Endurance: Potentilla fruticosa, commonly known as Shrubby Cinquefoil, often symbolizes endurance due to its hardy nature and ability to survive in tough conditions.
    • Protection: In folklore, cinquefoil was thought to ward off evil, and its five-petal design was believed to offer protective qualities.
    • Maternal Love: The nurturing growth habit of the shrub and its abundant blooms can represent the care and affection of motherhood.
    • Attraction: With its bright yellow flowers, Shrubby Cinquefoil often symbolizes attraction and the power to entice or draw in positive energies.
    • Wisdom: Due to the historical use of cinquefoil in medicinal remedies, it sometimes represents knowledge and the wise use of healing herbs.

Every 1-2 weeks
2500 - 10000 Lux
Every 2-3 years
Spring-Early Summer
As needed
  • water dropWater

    Shrubby cinquefoil 'Primrose Beauty' prefers consistent moisture, but it is crucial to avoid overwatering. Generally, watering with approximately 1 gallon of water once a week during dry spells should suffice, allowing the soil to partially dry out between waterings. However, in hot or windy conditions, you may need to water more frequently. Monitor the top inch of soil for dryness and water accordingly. During cooler seasons or rainy periods, it’s important to reduce the frequency to prevent waterlogged soil, which can lead to root rot.

  • sunLight

    Shrubby cinquefoil 'Primrose Beauty' thrives best in full sun to partial shade. It can do well in a variety of lighting conditions, but full sun ensures optimal flowering. Plant it in a location where it will receive at least six hours of direct sunlight every day for the best growth and bloom production; however, some afternoon shade can be beneficial in extremely hot climates.

  • thermometerTemperature

    Shrubby cinquefoil 'Primrose Beauty' is cold-hardy and tolerates a range of temperatures, making it suitable for many temperate gardens. It can survive winter temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, but it grows best in regions where summer temperatures hover around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This resilient plant can also handle the high summer heat up to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, though prolonged extreme heat without adequate water may stress it.

  • scissorsPruning

    Shrubby cinquefoil 'Primrose Beauty' benefits from pruning to maintain its shape and encourage bushier growth with more flowers. Prune it in late winter or early spring before new growth starts. It can be pruned back by one-third of its size, which helps rejuvenate the plant. Regularly remove dead and damaged branches to maintain its health and appearance.

  • broomCleaning

    As needed

  • bambooSoil

    Shrubby Cinquefoil 'Primrose Beauty' thrives best in well-drained, loamy soil with a pH range of 6.0 to 7.0. For optimal growth, mix garden soil with compost and peat moss to enhance drainage and fertility.

  • plantRepotting

    Shrubby Cinquefoil 'Primrose Beauty' typically does not require frequent repotting as it is often planted directly in the ground; repot potted plants every 2-3 years to refresh the soil.

  • water dropsHumidity & Misting

    Shrubby Cinquefoil 'Primrose Beauty' is tolerant of a wide range of humidity levels and does not have specific humidity requirements, making it suitable for various outdoor conditions.

  • pinSuitable locations

    • Indoor

      Provide bright light, well-draining soil, infrequent watering.

    • Outdoor

      Plant in full sun, well-drained soil, water moderately.

    • Hardiness zone

      2-7 USDA

  • circleLife cycle

    Potentilla fruticosa 'Primrose Beauty', commonly known as Shrubby Cinquefoil, begins its life as a seed which germinates in late spring to early summer. The seedling stage is characterized by the emergence of the initial leaves as it establishes a root system. Once mature, it enters a vegetative growth phase where it develops a woody stem and foliage, and it can continue to grow and spread through suckers. The plant reaches maturity and begins its reproductive phase, producing attractive yellow flowers from early summer to fall, attractive to pollinators. Following pollination, fruits form which contain seeds, starting the cycle anew. Shrubby Cinquefoil is perennial, and once established, can survive for many years, going dormant in winter and resuming growth in spring.

  • sproutPropogation

    • Propogation time

      Spring-Early Summer

    • One of the popular methods for propagating Potentilla fruticosa 'Primrose Beauty', commonly known as Shrubby Cinquefoil, is through softwood cuttings. This approach is usually done in late spring or early summer when the plant’s new growth is just beginning to harden but is still flexible. To propagate by this method, a gardener would take a cutting of about 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 centimeters) from a healthy stem, making sure it includes several leaves. The lower leaves are removed, and the cut end is often dipped in rooting hormone to encourage root development. Then, the cutting is inserted into a pot filled with a mixture of peat and perlite or a similar well-draining medium. To maintain high humidity, which is crucial for root formation, the pot can be covered with a plastic bag or placed in a propagator. After several weeks, the cuttings should begin to root, and once they are well-established, they can be transplanted to individual pots or directly into the garden.